All info on recycling progress and categories

Recycling your IT Otpad

IT Refurbishment Services

Rollback / Reuse of old IT

Data Security

IT Recycling Services

Dismantling and sorting

IT Otpad Categories

Components Scrap RAM Memory

MEM01 RAM Gold


MEM03 RAM Silver

Components Scrap Boards

PLA01 Class 1a "old"

PLA02 Class 1b "new"

PLA03 Class Serverboard

PLA04 Laptop Motherboards

PLA05 Expansion Cards

PLA06 Expansion Cards removed from laptops

PLA07 Tablet Motherboards

PLA08 Boards from mobile phones

PLA09 Class 2a

PLA10 Class 2b

PLA11 Class 3 with Fe

PLA12 Class 3 without Fe

PLA13 Backplane

PLA14 Highgrade +

Components Scrap CPU/processor

CPU01 old Intel ceramic processor

CPU02 Ceramic processors with two gold inlays

CPU03 Ceramic processors gold inlay on top

CPU04 Ceramic processors gold inlay on bottom

CPU05 Ceramic Intel, AMD, with gold-plated pins

CPU06 Ceramic AMD CPU with Al Cap

CPU07 Plastic processors

CPU08 Slot processors

CPU09 CU cap goldplated pins processor

CPU10 CU cap processors without pins

CPU11 Black Intel MMX processor

Components Scrap Drives etc

DRI01 Drives

DRI02 Hard DIsk Drives

DRI03 Power supplies with cables

DRI04 Power supplies without cables

DRI05 Cables